NoteDetector was the Pick of the Week on TWiT!  
Yesterday August 3rd 'This Week In Tech' or picked NoteDetector as one of their pick of the week for MacBreak Podcast. Thanks to all of the NoteDetector users for pointing this out to us!
Check it out here:
It's near the end during the Pick Of The Week segment.

Host Leo Laport tries to see what note the Vuvuzela plays. HaHa!!
Thanks also to TWiT for the shout out!!

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"Spoiler Alert!" introducing, GalleryPro for iPad 

Heres a little preview of our new Gallery app for iPad.
It will be the ultimate photo gallery for iPad aimed at photographers and graphic designers wanting to show off their portfolio. But anyone could use it that wants to show images. It has security features to lock files/folders/or the entire app. A pop up HUD(heads up display) and intuitive library for users of the iPhone/iTouch. Easy uploading through a WIFI connection.
More details soon.
Features/design subject to change.


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Freebie one, Hello Kitty 
Im going to start giving away cool freebies.
Could be a icon, wallpaper, iPhone wallpaper, psd's, whatever.
Heres the link to the first one:
It's a Hello Kitty icon I originally made for my lady.

PS. Heres a little video on how to easily change your applications icons or folder icons on your Mac. ... r_embedded

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Well the Apple iPad was released today.
Overall. We hear at SwampTechApps are pretty happy with it.
It has a built in microphone & speakers so NoteDetector will run on it!
You can also expect an iPad version coming out too!
With all that screen space expect some really cool stuff & new features.

Kinda bummed there is no camera.
Really bummed actually.
You KNOW the next generation is going to have a amazing built in camera with awesome video conferencing & Skype action.

But the iPad does look amazing. I heard it moves lighting fast too! So i guess some big improvements have been made with the new OS. Hope that speed shows up when that new OS is released for the iPhone too.

Well keep you posted on our iPad developments!

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NoteDetector at WINTER NAMM 2010 
This past Saturday, NoteDetector made it's debut to the thousands of musicians and music fans at NAMM Winter 2010, in Anaheim.

The NoteDetector Girls did an awesome job of getting the word out about NoteDetector by passing out tons of business cards, posing with NAMM guests and rock stars.

We got an overwhelming response from guests telling us they thought NoteDetector was a fantastic idea and something they had been looking for.
Many people took out their iPhones and downloaded NoteDetector right there on the spot, right after being introduced to the app!

So cool!!

Check out these pics at
Don't forget to leave any comments!

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