NoteDetector at WINTER NAMM 2010 
This past Saturday, NoteDetector made it's debut to the thousands of musicians and music fans at NAMM Winter 2010, in Anaheim.

The NoteDetector Girls did an awesome job of getting the word out about NoteDetector by passing out tons of business cards, posing with NAMM guests and rock stars.

We got an overwhelming response from guests telling us they thought NoteDetector was a fantastic idea and something they had been looking for.
Many people took out their iPhones and downloaded NoteDetector right there on the spot, right after being introduced to the app!

So cool!!

Check out these pics at
Don't forget to leave any comments!

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We met so many Crazy Famous People!
Plus made some new friends!
Pics & full story tomorrow.

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NoteDetector on Facebook and Twitter & at NAMM!!!  
We're on Facebook and having a great time making friends with awesome music lovers.
Be our friend on Facebook at

Do you "tweet"?? We do too!
Follow us on twitter at where we'll be tweeting LIVE from NAMM 2010 tomorrow about all of the fun we're having with rock stars!
Maybe we'll see you there?

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Note Detector at NAMM 2010! 
SwampTechApps is now a member of NAMM!
We'll be at the NAMM trade show, Saturday January 16th.
Promoting NoteDetector & giving away a bunch of free copies of the app!
Hope to see some of you there!

But if your not, don't worry I'll post pictures.
See some pics i found on Flickr of last years show: ... 742030840/

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First SwampTechApps Post! 
First post on the SwampTechApps Blog!
Well its officially done.
NoteDetector has been a lot of hard work and I'm happy that v1.1.2 has been released into the Apple App Store!
With only one hiccup(rejection). Which I'll blog about that later.
NoteDetector has taken about 3 months of nonstop work.
So its about time to see if its all going to pay off!

I hope your all enjoying the first of many exciting music related, and probable some not music related apps to come.
Expect our next one to be announced soon!

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