GalleryPro for iPad in the App Store now! 

GalleryPro a feature packed professional photo/video gallery app for Apple iPad. A couple things I really like about it is you can upload files to it wirelessly with a wifi connection. No more iTunes syncing and super small file size restrictions from the built photos app. You can also Lock GalleryPro or Lock any folders inside of it. It's really secure. Of course it does great slideshows with cool transition options and is really solidly built.

Check it out!
GalleryPro for iPad (iTunes Link)

You will probable notice GalleryPro is not listed with NoteDetector as one of SwampTechApps apps. Thats because I, Kevin did do all the design for GalleryPro but the app was finished and programmed by Codexnt is the publisher of GalleryPro and is responsible for all functionality of GalleryPro for iPad.

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