1. How do I purchase NoteDetector?
In the Apple App Store.
2. Having a problem with NoteDetector?
Restarting your iPhone may easily resolve your issue. Give this a shot first.
3. Soft Reset
If restarting doesn't work, then try a soft reset by holding down the "home" button and the "sleep/wake" button together until you see the silver Apple logo.
4. Re-install
If a soft reset does not work, try re-installing NoteDetector onto your iPhone. You can remove NoteDetector from your iPhone first, but note that this will remove all previously saved data and settings. Once you remove NoteDetector from your iPhone sync your iPhone with iTunes and make sure NoteDetector is checked in the applications tab.
5. Apple Help
Check out Apple's official help document.
6. Watch Demo Video
To get some tips about using NoteDetector & get some inside info to help you get the most out of it.
Watch Demo Video